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Pet travel certificate

What certificates do you need to travel with your pet abroad?

Animal health centre MIM COOP Banja Luka is an authorised animal health centre issuing veterinary certificates and in which you can make all preparations for your pet to travel outside of BiH.

If you are travelling and you want to take your pet with you, there are certain procedures you must follow.

Namely, non-commercial movement of pet animals accompanied by owner or person responsible for the animals on behalf of the owner from Bosnia and Herzegovina into EU member states is prescribed by Regulations (EZ) 576/2013 and 577/2013.

In accordance with the abovementioned EU regulations, in case of non-commercial movement of pet animals from Bosnia and Herzegovina to EU member states pet must be accompanied by VETERINARY CERTIFICATE issued by authorised veterinary health centres along with owner card/pet passport.

Animal health centre MIM COOP Banja Luka. Founded in 1997 in Banja Luka as the first specialist animal health centre for pets and animals. Through the development of cynology and felinology and with the increase of number of dogs and cats there appeared a need for more high-quality diagnostic and treatment of these animals.

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