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Diagnostics and curing infectious diseases

Making diagnosis and start of treatment in a timely manner are crucial.

Infectious animal diseases

Disease causative agents of canine and feline infectious (contagious) diseases can be bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and rickettsia. These diseases are most frequently transmitted from one animal to another via direct contact, infected urine, faces, other body secretions or breathing in infectious disease causative agents.

Contagious diseases fall under canine diseases with very high mortality rate (death rate) even in situations when the therapy started in the first days of the disease. Because of that vaccination of cats and dogs against these diseases represents basic measure of protection against these diseases by which organism is encouraged to produce protective antibodies.

Although vaccines are the most efficient method of prevention and fighting against the contagious diseases it happens that vaccinated dogs, especially young ones, become sick. There are several reasons for that: Inadequate manner of transport and/or preservation; incorrect manner of administering vaccine; administering vaccine too early or too late; administering vaccine whose shelf life expired; distribution of one dose into multiple parts and administering inappropriate dose; inability of dog to respond to the given vaccine immunologically.

Dog which is vaccinated have to be healthy and only in that case one can expect good immunological response of the vaccinated individual.
Puppies and young dogs are very sensitive age categories regarding certain contagious diseases and they must be vaccinated as soon as their immunologic system is developed enough.

Diseases that require mandatory vaccination are rabies, canine distemper, contagious inflammation of liver tissue (contagious hepatitis), canine parvovirus infection, leptospirosis, canine parainfluenza and canine coronavirus infection.



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