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Microchipping of dogs and cats

Microchipping fastens the identification and finding the pet quickly.

Micorchipping of dogs and cats includes inserting permanent implant under the skin in the area on the left side of the neck. Animal health centre Mim Coop Banja Luka performs micorchipping and the intervention itself last for short time, is almost painless and is fully in agreement with the principles of animal wellbeing. This manner of marking is legally required for all dog and cat owners in BIH.

In case that the pet is lost, if it is chipped its identification is made easier as well finding the owner quickly.

Every year in the world, in both state and private shelters and ponds over 5 million cats and dogs are put into sleep. Depending on the country, that grim number varies between 30 and 50% of total number of animals that get to shelter. You can assume for yourself that among those unfortunate animals there is a great number of owned pets who are lost or escaped. In this case microchip can literally represent the difference between life and death.

Thousands of pets were separated from their owners in great natural disasters from previous years. Situations like these just emphasize the need and importance of permanent identifying system which enables separated pets and owners to reunite. Microchip implants are one of solutions.

In addition to outdated methods of tattooing and tagging, microchips represent a far more reliable and permanent identification of pets. Also, dog thieves can remove the tags and labels with data but removal of microchip requires a serious surgery.



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